carpet irritants to watch out for

Major Carpet Irritants to Watch Out For in Spring 2019

Spring is just around the corner, which means that it’s almost time for Spring cleaning! Maybe your idea of Spring cleaning is dusting off old furniture, cleaning out old things and putting them into storage or selling them in a yard sale.

But make no mistake: Whatever you do, DO NOT forget to clean your carpets! Carpets can be infamous for holding all kinds of irritants, which can leave you with a runny nose long after the end of Spring.

Irritants such as…

Dust Mites

Dust mites are pesky little bugs that live in your carpets and feed on dead skin cells and other nasty and decaying things in your carpet. In other words, things that make up the dust. Not only can they make and keep you sick, but for people with asthma, it can be a serious health risk!

One of the best ways to remove dust mites from carpets is to steam clean them. It doesn’t require bleach, so you don’t have to worry about destroying any dyes, which is a plus! In fact, according to the American Lung Association, one of the best ways to cut down dust mites is to reduce the humidity of your house, using air conditioners and dehumidifiers.

They also recommend opening windows on dry days, but save that for the summer, and think twice before opening that window, because...


...Is another huge concern. With all kinds of flora blooming in the Spring, pollen is bound to make everyone’s noses itch, eyes water, and throats sore. It should come as no surprise that it also gets trapped in fibers of carpets.

But did you know it can also stain carpets?

Vacuuming it may work. However, if it doesn’t, one quick fix to try is putting sticky tape directly over the pollen stain, then lifting it up to remove the pollen. Using dry cleaning solvent with a white washcloth can also work if done carefully. If that fails, get a mix of oxygen bleach and water, and blot that spot!

But flowers and trees aren’t the only things setting sail irritants to the breeze...

Pet Dander

You’re not the only one who knows when Spring is here. Pets like cats and dogs shed regularly year-round. But as it warms up, some pets, like dogs for example, shed their old winter coats to grow in a cooler summer coat. This means double the shedding and double the allergies for those family members and house guests who may be allergic to your beloved dog Spot, or to your wonderful kitty cat Tabby!

The first line of defense is to regularly groom your pets, but when all else fails, it may be time to invest in a vacuum or broom that can handle the task. One cheap alternative is the Evriholder FURemover broom, which is specifically designed to remove fur from carpets and various other surfaces using its rubber bristles to trap fur with friction. Not only that, but it doubles well as a broom for general use!


Sprinkling baking soda onto small mold spots or spraying them with vinegar is one good way to deal with minor cases of it, but if your entire carpet shows signs of mold, then you best rent a HEPA vacuum, and invest in some high-quality protective gear. Mold is no joke, and can cause serious health problems if around it too often. See this Center of Disease Control and Prevention page to learn more about the harmful effects of mold.

Another option if you are worried about mold in your home and want professional help, is to call your local cleaning services, like the professionals at Tiger Paws Carpet and Upholstery, so that they can use their expertise to ensure your home is mold free.

Flu and Cold Virus

Mold isn’t the only thing that likes to linger in unsuspecting carpets. Your carpet can act as a filter to sickness-causing particles, but it can also hold them in place while they wait to re-emerge. Viruses that come into contact via bodily fluid (like sneezing and coughing) love to linger for weeks, potentially even months or years, so cleaning it up with a paper towel is just not good enough.

This is another job for your local cleaning service, or the use of a HEPA vacuum and steam cleans to kill those deeply-embedded traces of viruses. Thankfully, you won’t need the same level of protection for this job like you do for mold, but still be sure to wear gloves, and disinfect any surface you see necessary as you clean.

So What?

Carpets are beautiful and cozy additions to any home, but like with anything beautiful and wonderful, it needs special care to stay beautiful and wonderful. If you take care of your carpet, your carpet will take care of you and that’s a promise!