cat riding robot vacuum

Is a Robot Vacuum Right for You?

It's almost 2019, and just like in the Jetson's, you can have a robot clean your floors for you. While these robot vacuums have been around for a while now, they aren't yet a staple in every home. If you're still on the fence about owning one of these babies, here are some pros and cons to help you decide.


  1. Convenience. With the ability to schedule daily cleanings, you can keep your carpets virtually spotless without having to break out your giant, clunky upright vacuum. Furthermore, robot vacuums provide an excellent assist for those of you dealing with pet hair and allergies. You simply program the vacuum to run while you're out living your life, and come home to fresh carpets!
  2. Great for hard-to-reach areas! When was the last time you vacuumed under your bed? If you're like most people, you vacuum visible floor spaces semi-regularly, but you may only move your furniture and get those hard-to-reach spots once or twice a year. But if you have a robot vacuum, you don't have to worry about moving all your furniture around to get to those nooks and crannies! Again, this is great news if you suffer from allergies--dust mites tend to accumulate in and around beds, and if you're allergic, it's imperative that you vacuum this area frequently.
  3. Mopping. Did you know many robot vacuums have built-in mopping capabilities? If you hate vacuuming, chances are good that you hate mopping even more.


  1. Price tag. While most upright vacuums range in price from about $150-$500, most automated models run from $250 (on the super low end) to well over $1,000 which may be too much for many households to spend, even for a robot vacuum.
  2. Bin size. In order to fit in those hard-to-reach areas, robot vacuums need to be small in size. This presents a problem when it comes to bin size, however. If you have multiple pets, or if you aren't running the vacuum frequently, you may need to empty the bin multiple times per session, which can put a serious cramp in the hands-free, automation aspect.
  3. Can't replace your traditional vacuum. This is perhaps the most disappointing part. Even if you purchase a robot vacuum, you won't be able to completely get rid of your traditional upright vacuum. While the robot models do a good job of keeping high traffic areas and under your furniture clear, you'll still need an upright model (with a good wand attachment) for the odd corners and crevices your robot vacuum simply can't reach.