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Comparing 3 Common Types of Carpet Cleaning for Memphis Homeowners

Hey Memphis! It’s your favorite striped carpet cleaning enthusiast, back with some more info about how to keep your flooring looking as shiny as my fangs after a trip to the tiger dentist.

Today, we’re discussing three of the most popular kinds of carpet cleaning and comparing their pros and cons. Let’s dive right in!

1. Bonnet cleaning

Sometimes known as “spin cleaning,” this method involves a round buffer (think of a circular mop) that’s covered with cleaning solution and then run over carpeted surfaces. Because it allows carpets to dry quickly, bonneting is a popular method of carpet cleaning in commercial areas where surface-level cleanliness is more important than a thorough, penetrating clean. Bonnet cleaning is often employed by car dealerships, hotels, large offices, and other businesses that receive a high volume of foot traffic.

2. Dry carpet cleaning

Dry cleaning is a relatively new form of carpet cleaning that involves the use of a pre-mixed powder, usually consisting of a base of baking soda with other dry chemicals added. The dry cleaning powder is then applied over a carpeted area and vacuumed up. Dry carpet cleaning is good for budget-conscious consumers with a smaller area of carpet to clean, or for those who want to clean their carpets in the most environmentally-friendly way possible.

3. Steam cleaning

Also called extraction cleaning, this is the most common method of commercial carpet cleaning and the type of cleaning we use here at Tiger Paws. Steam cleaning is a bit of a misnomer – the carpets are actually cleaned with a mixture of hot water and detergent sprayed onto your carpet at high-pressure by a hose, typically run from a tank on a truck. We use a pre-spray to break up oil and oil-like substances, then flush carpets with hot water. From there, a high-pressure vacuum removes dirt, debris, and excess water from your carpet.

Which method of carpet cleaning is best for your Memphis home?

The answer: It depends!

Hotel owners might appreciate it, but if you’re looking for a truly deep clean, bonnet cleaning probably isn’t the solution. Dry cleaning could work if you’re interested in the most economical method of cleaning – you can probably create your own at-home dry mixture for less than $20.

We might be biased, but here at Tiger Paws, we stand by our steam cleaning methods and would put them to the test any day. Our method works because we’ve mastered the perfect balance of chemical solutions, pressure, and temperature, to provide our customers with the most efficient clean possible.

Still have questions about how we can get your carpets looking brand-new? Get in touch with us today!