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A Good Foundation: The Importance of Carpet Padding

When it comes to the quality of carpet in your home, there are many factors that can come to mind when determining the best carpet for you and your family. You may be looking for comfort and are on the hunt for the most soft and plush fibers available. You could be searching for the most durable, most long-lasting carpet that gives you the greatest value for your money by looking amazing for years to come. You may have some 'furry friends' or tiny humans that require more stain-resistant, durable fibers to tread on. These may be vastly different carpeting needs, but they all have one thing in common: they all require carpet padding. You could purchase the softest, most durable carpet in the world, but without the proper padding, it could be uncomfortable underfoot. Here are three factors that will convince you to invest in quality carpet padding.

Softness & Comfort

Purchasing and installing the most plush carpet available can go a long way in creating a soft surface for your family to walk on, but it's not the only factor. A more comfortable carpet is often determined by the quality of your carpet padding. Thickness can be a factor, as it creates more 'padding' between your carpet and the hard subfloor, but don't think that all carpet requires the thickest pad! The majority of carpeting options today require a 7/16″ pad and many carpet types like short-pile and Berber can be damaged from padding that is too thick.

Extending the Life of Your Carpet

Years of foot-traffic, wear-and-tear, and messes can be hard on even the highest-quality carpet, so a great pad can go a long way in extending its life. The padding creates a barrier between your carpet and sub-floor which prevents unnecessary friction or wearing on the underside of your carpet. The barrier also absorbs spills, and some pads come with antimicrobial features that go a long way in preventing mold and odor-causing bacteria. A durable pad also prevents your feet from creating dents that can flatten your carpet, leaving it matted and uncomfortable to walk on.

Protecting What's Beneath

Having a home with carpet can be a luxury when it comes to comfort, but that 'comfort' can come at a cost. Carpet is great at holding dirt, stains, and fluids that can get trapped below its surface, damaging your subfloors. This can potentially lead to greater problems--like mold--that can be hazardous to your family's health. A quality carpet pad can prevent these things from ever reaching your subfloor, preventing this potential health hazard.