father and son providing a deep carpet clean

5 Reasons For Deep Cleaning Your Carpets This Summer

Summertime has finally arrived! The season for being outdoors, enjoying barbecues, and slapping pesky mosquitoes off your arms and legs! Do you know what else this is the season for? Cleaning your carpets. Yeah, we said it. Believe it or not, summer is the best time of the year to do a serious deep carpet cleaning. We know you just finished your spring cleaning of the house, but here is a list of reasons why you’re not quite done yet!

You enjoyed the spring weather and left the windows of your house open. Don’t worry, we all do it. During that nice spring weather, we have a tendency to open the windows and let those breezes blow some fresh air throughout the house. Unfortunately, it also blows a lot of pollen throughout the house. And if you’re here in Memphis, TN, you know that the pollen season isn’t quite over yet. What this means is that your lovely carpets and area rugs that you walk on every day at home are essentially really big pollen catchers that are releasing the pollen back into your indoor air with every step. It’s just that time of the year. If the allergens aren't enough of a reason for deep cleaning, then think about the fact that pollen can actually do damage to your carpet.  

The schools are out for the summer. With kids running around and having fun with friends, your home experiences a lot more foot traffic during the summertime. And, let’s be honest, whatever dirt and mud (and who knows what else) you’re cleaning off of their clothes, there is at least 20 times more of that on the bottom of their shoes from their adventures in the sun. The point is, they’re bringing it in and it’s being pushed into your rugs.

It’s typical beach vacation time. Due to the warm weather, water temperatures, and schools being out, summertime is basically the official beach vacation time. How does a beach trip affect your carpets at home? Sand. Anyone that has stepped foot on a beach knows that sand gets on and in everything, stays in your hair, and is almost impossible to completely shake off of those towels. Sand is just like glitter; once it’s on you, you’ll be finding it on you for weeks. So imagine how much sand is residing in your carpet after a short weekend trip. The worst part? The abrasive sand actually damages the carpet fibers. So the longer it stays there, the more wear and tear to your lovely rugs.

Kids are not the only ones that are more active during the summer. This is a major entertaining season because it's the perfect time of the year to grill out! So when you’re throwing all those parties and gatherings, your friends and family members are also tracking all kinds of dirt into your house and onto those carpets. And it’s not just people that are more active! If you have pets, you’ll see an increase in their activity too. So between all the people and pets that are suddenly running around on your floors, your poor carpets are getting lots of wear as well as being packed with all kinds of unwanted particles that ultimately damage your air quality. Scheduling a professional carpet cleaning service can help keep all of this at bay, not to mention reduce the amount of damage being done.

You’re selling the house. The final reason that summertime is the best to focus on your carpet cleaning is that you’re most likely to sell your house during this time. Why? This is when most people are moving and buying homes because of schedules. For example, a lot of families don’t want to move their kids in the middle of a school year so during summer vacation is ideal. If you’re putting your home on the market, this is the season and you’ll definitely want to regularly clean your carpets to help with the selling process. If you don’t believe us, here’s how clean carpets can raise the value of your home.

The point is, your carpets and rugs are dealing with as much as you are during the summertime. If you want them to live a long happy life and look good then you need to think about doing some deep cleaning and keeping them regularly vacuumed. If you’re too busy chasing little ones around or getting ready for your travels, be sure to give us a call and we’ll be happy to take that task off your hands! After all, it is the season of kicking your feet up and enjoying the sun!