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3 Carpet Maintenance Tips for the Holidays in Memphis

Us Bengal tigers are tropical. So when the thermometer dips around Memphis, like it’s been doing recently, I don’t get out much.

There’s a lot of tiger sweatpants, take-out, and binge-watching in the den this time of year.

But you humans are different – seems like the holidays are when you like to hang out with each other the most! That means lots of people coming over to your place, walking all over your carpet.

If you’re not prepared, it can be a real mess. That’s why today, me and the experts at Tiger Paws Carpet and Upholstery are bringing you three easy suggestions to give you carpet that will look good enough to dazzle your picky in-laws, and stay clean even when uncle Frank spills eggnog on it.

1. Identify potential problem carpet areas

Before you rush to invite everyone over, it’s worth taking a few minutes to plan. Where will people be gathering the most? Are there any out-of-the-way areas where someone might spill something without it being seen? Think about carpeted hallways to different rooms, rugs, and other spaces. Come up with a few ways you can reduce the likelihood of spills or dirt being dropped in these areas. For example, you might want to designate a certain area for kids, or give them cups with lids on them if they will be running around in places with carpeting.

2. Have a plan for shoes

As badly as cousin Liz wants to show off her new Manolos, if you really want to keep your carpets in good condition, try to nudge your guests towards going barefoot. Think about building or buying a simple yet elegant shoe rack near the front door or foyer; not only will this help keep shoes neat and organized, some shoe racks can serve as an interesting design element.

3. Prepare some quick fixes

No matter how many times you tell people not to bring your grandmother’s double-sauced lasagna dish into your living room with the white carpet, someone is bound to spill on your carpet at SOME point. It happens. Unless it was a particularly careless and severe incident, don’t be the type of host who makes guests feel bad about an honest accident.

Instead, focus on rectifying the problem. Make sure to keep a bucket and a bottle of your favorite carpet cleaner in easy reach on a moment’s notice. Remember to wait a minute or two to let the cleaning solution saturate on the carpet before gently blotting at the stain (not rubbing). For wine, beer, or other troublesome stains, you can try club soda mixed with a pinch of vinegar.

The best method of holiday carpet cleaning in Memphis

These options are great for the DIY holiday host, but if you want the best quality carpet clean before or after your gathering, call on the professionals. At Tiger Paws we have many years of experience cleaning all types of homes through highly efficient, truck-mounted extraction that uses a high-pressure mix of hot water and cleaning solution to get your carpets looking spotless.

So whether you want your carpets looking fresh and bright for family, or your holiday party got a little wild and left things a mess, give us a call today for a quote to get your flooring into top-notch condition here in Memphis.